Tossing things we don’t need and better organizing the items we truly require to make our life function smoothly can free up far more than mere closet space or that off-site storage locker you’ve rented for years–it can be down right liberating!

Cleaning out the clutter in our basements, attics, closets and home offices (not to mention the garage where we no longer park our car because of the accumulated junk!) can be one of the most powerful ways to move forward in our lives.  But what keeps us “stuck in the mess” is that we all have cherished possessions that are freighted with meaning, and until we understand what that meaning is, we resist dealing with the material chaos that surrounds us.

In the Rightsizer’s world, we approach things a little differently and find new ways of letting go of our irrelevant stuff by facing the practical and emotional aspects of the problem at the same time.  Here is the place to learn specific steps to help the process along–both of purging and paring down our material possessions and working through the psychological roadblocks that may be thwarting our best intentions–until we truly have the “best of the best” in our lives and start enjoying the things that matter most.