In the Decorating & Design category, you’ll discover lots of ideas to improve the interiors and exteriors of your current home, as well as find inspiration for daydreaming a bit about what your ideal surroundings might look like.

This is the place to evaluate new ideas, the latest-and-greatest styles, along with information about vetted products that meet the “Rightsizing” test:  useful, beautiful, worthy of the cost, and household items that resonate with who you are today, not five or ten years ago when your life was, perhaps, very different than it is now.

In a Rightsized world, the subject of home decorating and design is interpreted rather broadly:  it encompasses furniture, home furnishings, accessories, space planning, specific architectural styles, landscape design, current and future trends, as well as approaches to getting the most out of working with professionals in the field.  (Who knows?  We might even slip in articles about entertaining and gardening from time to time).

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