There are as many ways to live as the roofs over our heads. Housing is a vast subject, and one of the most central aspects of life.

Here is where we get to think about what our ideal lifestyle would look like.  Excluding all other considerations but your own dreams and fantasies of what might be possible, “Rightsized” housing considers aspirations as well as takes into account the kind of shelter that makes sense for your age, stage, and financial, physical, and psychological realities.

But regardless of your present situation, this is the place encouraging you to consider the type of dwelling and atmosphere (house, cabin, condo, boat, cottage, city, countryside, climate, scenery, etc) that appeals to you most, along with what activities you find most engaging.  Out of that mix, you can begin to create the surroundings that are perhaps simpler and more to your taste, and contain only the personal possessions that matter most to you.

In the Rightsizing Housing category, you’ll find lots of ideas to improve the place where you live now, and plenty of inspiration to get you daydreaming a bit about the kind of home you might like to own or rent in the future.

It’s all good.