Have you ever felt owned by your possessions, or weighed down by your "stuff?" Does the idea of creating a clutter-free home or a simpler living environment sound appealing? Are you looking for a way to make your empty nest feel like a fresh space for a new chapter in life? Are you perhaps scaling back for a happier retirement? If so, Rightsizing Your Life® is for you. [DDET Read More...]

Rightsizing is an approach to simplifying your surroundings while keeping what you need or cherish most. It's a process, not an event, and practically speaking, it leads to simplifying and decluttering, organizing and storing things properly so you can find what you need when you want it. It can even result in redesigning an entire home environment for the way you live now - or aspire to.

Rightsizing is "green" because it involves passing things on to the universe or your family or neighbor, not the landfill. It also involves dealing with emotions that can sabotage sensible decisions about managing what you own. The "Rightsized Life" is one that lives in the now, not the way things were 10 or 20 years ago. It's the ultimate safe harbor where the burdens of coping with the accumulated possessions of a lifetime are lifted, resulting in a feeling of liberation and the truest sense of "home" you may ever know. Welcome.[/DDET]

Creating Your New Nest
Everyday Rightsizing

Who’s Rightsizing?

Look what flew into my Inbox the other day? This picture was sent by an architect named Charles Durrett of McCamant & Durrett, designers of owner-planned communities–known as cohousing communities– where each household has its own “space,” but where many other aspects of daily life and home-owning are shared.  I interviewed Chuck back in 2006….Read More

Think “Liberation!”

Probably the single biggest obstacle to launching into rightsizing your life is fighting the “Fear Factor.”  Until the brutal recession decimated many of our 401Ks, to say nothing of our plans for eventual retirement, the image of the Golden Years was something like the picture on your left: adequate money in a nest egg and….Read More

Avoiding the Downsizing Downers

Even the word “downsizing” is depressing — as in downsizing company employees, downsizing living space, downsizing possessions you’ve collected over a lifetime. The good news is: taking a “glass half-full” approach can become strangely full of promise for many who are making a lifestyle transition from big to smaller living quarters, and from way-too-much stuff….Read More

Every Thing Old (Can Be) New Again

Who doesn’t have a favorite piece of furniture they’ve lived with for decades and that currently is looking pretty shabby—and not chic? And in this era of tight money and worries about where the next paycheck is coming from, the notion of just going out to buy a big ticket item like a sofa or….Read More

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