A Rightsizer’s best friend is well-planned, well-organized storage because it allows for getting the most out of the space available.

The wonderful thing about space is its flexibility and adaptability.  Often there are a variety of possible solutions for squeezing every ounce of utility from the space you have, either through clever built-in storage or by purchasing furnishings that can serve more than one purpose.

In the world of storage, we’ll feature articles about both in-house and on-the-property storage, and focus on the activities that take place within a home that will, in the end, dictate what kinds of storage you need and how to achieve the solution that is tailormade to your needs.

And then there is the world of “off-site” or “self-storage” where you pay to house somewhere else the things you aren’t using currently.  For many of  us, off-site storage is a Godsend; for others it’s a curse.  This is the section where you’ll learn to discern the difference–and figure out when paying someone else to look after your “stuff” is a good idea, and when you need to seek another solution.

Problems with storage can often be found through “multi-purpose” furniture and built-in accessories that solve several problems at one time…as in the example shown at the left.  An ottoman in the living room makes for comfort and convenience if you want to put your feet up, or place items within easy reach.  It also can provide hidden storage for clutter-causing magazines, or board games, or even linens that are used only when a nearby sleeper-sofa is pressed into service for guests.

Here is where we seek the cleverest, most out-of-the-box answers to the question: “where’s the best place to put this item?”