Think “Liberation!”

Probably the single biggest obstacle to launching into rightsizing your life is fighting the “Fear Factor.”  Until the brutal recession decimated many of our 401Ks, to say nothing of our plans for eventual retirement, the image of the Golden Years was something like the picture on your left: adequate money in a nest egg and….Read More

Avoiding the Downsizing Downers

Even the word “downsizing” is depressing — as in downsizing company employees, downsizing living space, downsizing possessions you’ve collected over a lifetime. The good news is: taking a “glass half-full” approach can become strangely full of promise for many who are making a lifestyle transition from big to smaller living quarters, and from way-too-much stuff….Read More

Every Thing Old (Can Be) New Again

Who doesn’t have a favorite piece of furniture they’ve lived with for decades and that currently is looking pretty shabby—and not chic? And in this era of tight money and worries about where the next paycheck is coming from, the notion of just going out to buy a big ticket item like a sofa or….Read More