Multi-Purpose Storage

This is where seeking storage solutions and ways of making the best use of existing space in your home can actually be fun! There are many reasons why storage may be at a premium for those seeking to rightsize their lives:  some folks are deliberately downsizing from larger living quarters; others seek a simpler, more streamlined lifestyle; and still others are forced by necessity to economize, and realize that living on a smaller scale is the only option. Whatever the reasons for wanting or needing to make better use of the space available, the good news is that there are now many clever, multi-purpose storage solutions when it comes to furnishings, add-ons, and accessories that can perform double, sometimes triple duty within your home–thus answering several “challenges” at the same time. Here is where you’ll find the latest, most unique, best designed “multi-purpose” storage solutions, and find inspiration for solving space problems in ways you might never have dreamed.